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Nominate pet guardians, specify care instructions, and provide emergency funds to protect your pet no matter what. Free forever, because we're crazy about our pets too.

couple with dogs in field
couple with dogs in field

Don’t just take our word for it.
Pet parents everywhere are loving their free Pet Estate Plan

  • This process was so easy and the reward, a sense of security for my pet, is truly priceless! The recommended financial guidance - how much to set a side for pets and also the average cost of medical/ surgical trip - was so helpful!
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    Megan F.

    Pet Plan
  • The process was super easy. It is great to know that there is a plan in place for my dog in the event that anything ever happened to one of us. I feel a lot better just having the document in place
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    Heather G.

    Pet Plan
  • This took the ruff parts out of the pet protection process. Simple, quick, and easy way to ensure my good boy Dingle would receive all the pets just in case I could no longer give them.
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    Shane P.

    Pet Plan
  • Using Just In Case made building my pet’s estate plan super easy. I was shocked how quickly I was able to input all my information and how fast I received my custom Pet Protection Plan. 10/10 recommend.

    Hannah T.

    Pet Plan
  • My family is not the most cat friendly and it would break my heart if my two kitties would end up going back to the shelter after we adopted them years ago. Now we know our two cats will be properly taken care of if anything were to happen
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    Jesus T.

    Pet Plan

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The easy way to care for your pets. No matter what.

  • Nominate guardians for your pet

  • Detail proper and legally enforceable pet care instructions

  • Allow emergency access to funds or leave money for the benefit of your pet

Free Forever.

Because we're crazy about our pets too.

What's Included
  • Free Pet Protection Agreement Icon
    Free Pet Protection Agreement Icon

    Pet Protection Plan

    Nominate guardians for your pet and detail proper, legally enforceable care instructions

  • Limited HIPPA Release Icon
    Limited HIPPA Release Icon

    Limited HIPAA Release

    Grant your pet guardian limited access to your health information in the event of an emergency (optional)

  • Limited Pet Power of Attorney Icon
    Limited Pet Power of Attorney Icon

    Limited Power of Attorney

    Enable your pet guardian limited ability to use your finances for emergency pet care if you are away or incapacitated (optional)

How It Works

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Answer a few simple questions about you and your pet

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We translate your answers into your free pet estate plan

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Instantly download your documents for printing

Sign your documents at your convenience

    Commonly Asked Questions

      What is a pet estate plan?

      The Just In Case Estates Pet Estate Plan is a set of legal documents through which a pet parent can ensure the wellbeing of their pet. It includes a Pet Protection Plan and (optionally) a limited Pet Financial Power of Attorney and Limited HIPAA Authorization.

      What is a Pet Protection Plan?

      The Just In Case Estates Pet Protection Plan contains five essential components:

      1. Identification of Pets
      2. Designation of Primary and Backup Pet Guardians
      3. Veterinarian identification and contact information
      4. Pet medicine and allergy information
      5. Pet feeding, care, and exercise instructions

      The Just In Case Estates Pet Protection Plan works by creating a legally enforceable contract between the pet parent and the pet guardian.

      What is a Limited Pet Financial Power of Attorney?

      A Limited Pet Financial Power of Attorney is a type of financial power of attorney with a scope limited to supporting the care and comfort of your pets. In your Limited Pet Financial Power of Attorney, you can authorize your pet guardian to use your finances up to a certain amount in the event of a pet emergency.

      What do I need to do to make my pet estate plan official?

      Your pet estate plan is not official until after you complete your signing ceremony.

      Since your pet estate plan works as a contract between you and your pet guardian, at a minimum both you and the pet guardian need to sign the document.

      You can also sign in the presence of a witness and/or a notary public to decrease the likelihood that someone else will contest the validity of the agreement.

      What is the difference between a pet estate plan and a pet trust?

      We created the Just In Case Estates Pet Estate Plan to mirror the benefits of a standalone pet trust. The key difference between the Just In Case Estates Pet Estate Plan and a traditional pet trust is that a pet estate plan is much easier and less expensive to set up and maintain.

      For a full comparison of the benefits and differences between the pet estate plan and pet trust, check out our Pet Protection Plan vs Pet Trust article.

      How much does a pet trust cost?

      The cost to create a pet trust with an attorney can range from several hundred to even a few thousand dollars.

      The cost to create a pet estate plan with Just In Case Estates, which mirrors the benefits of a pet trust, is free.


Just In Case Estates is an online service providing legal forms and information. We are not a law firm and we do not provide legal advice. If you need legal advice, please use our legal expert matching service to connect with a qualified, licensed estate planning attorney near you.