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  • It made one of those lingering concerns that's always in the back of your mind incredibly easy to address!
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    John C.

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  • Great format, very simple and great value. I’d recommend to anyone looking for a fast affordable estate planning solution.
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    Morgan M.

    Last Will
  • Just In Case Estates made the process painless and my husband and I were done in under 15 minutes. Much less daunting than I expected it to be....I would recommend Just In Case Estates to anyone and everyone that I know.
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    Victoria F.

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  • Fascinatingly simple to use for such a complex problem that it solves.
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    Michael W.

    Last Will
  • Easy to use & great service!
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    Zach W.

    Pet Plan

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    Revocable Living Trust

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    Commonly Asked Questions

      What is the difference between a last will and revocable living trust?

      Last wills and revocable living trusts are the two most common estate planning tools.

      A simple comparison highlights that revocable living trusts do everything that a last will does and more. However, that doesn’t mean that a revocable living trust is the better option in every case.

      Choosing to create a revocable living trust or a last will is a personal decision driven by how you much value the advantages of a revocable living trust relative to its higher setup and ongoing maintenance requirements.

      Compare our plans or read more on the difference between a last will vs revocable living trust in our resource library.

      I don't have a lot of assets. Do I need a will?

      Every American adult should create an estate plan, regardless of whether you have a lot of assets or only a few.

      When you create your last will or revocable living trust with Just In Case Estates, you'll do more than just specify who should receive your stuff after you pass away.

      You'll also identify your assets (helping your loved ones administer your estate faster and with less stress), determine who should care for any people and pets for whom you're responsible, declare your end of life healthcare and memorial preferences, and share important memories and values.

      What happens if I die without a will?

      If you die without a will or other estate plan, you forfeit the opportunity to direct what happens to things you own and the people and interests for which you are responsible.

      The intestacy laws of your state, which are the laws that govern the administration of estates for people who die without a will, take over. Intestacy proceedings generally cost more and take longer compared to probate with a will, and they may lead to outcomes contrary to your desires.

      Can I make an estate plan without a lawyer?

      For most people, choosing whether to make an estate plan with or without a lawyer is a matter of personal preference. You do not need a lawyer to make a legally valid last will or revocable living trust.

      Just In Case Estates’ document generator is crafted by our network of attorneys, and our last will and revocable trust plans are guaranteed to be legally valid to meet the specific requirements of your state.