JIC Estates Visualizations

Understand the full picture with our visual estate planning platform

  • Net Worth by Asset Category Visualization

    Visualize Assets

    Track net worth and understand how assets pass through your estate

  • Estate plan beneficiary diagram

    Visualize Beneficiaries

    See who receives your gifts and how

  • Estate plan progress diagram

    Visualize Progress

    Stay on top of your portfolio of shared plans


Track net worth and understand how assets pass through your estate plan

Detail important asset information

Stay on top of trust funding and updating accounts with beneficiary designations

Estate plan asset and net worth visuals

See who receives your gifts and how

Get visual summaries of how your estate plan works

View detailed gift summaries by beneficiary

Revocable Living Trust Distribution Diagram

Stay on top of your portfolio of shared plans

Track client progress at a glance

Get estate plan details with one click

Collaborate with built-in task tracking

Estate plan client detail summary

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    Commonly Asked Questions

      How much does JIC Estates Visualizations cost?

      JIC Estates Visualizations is included in the price of your comprehensive last will or revocable living trust package.

      How long does it take to set up JIC Estates Visualizations?

      All the JIC Estates Visualizations are generated and updated dynamically whenever you add or change details of your estate plan like assets, beneficiaries, trustees, or executors.

      Who can see my shared plan documents and data?

      Your documents and estate plan data are visible only to those individuals with whom you've shared your plan and set permissions to 'View Docs & Data.'

      Permissions for Financial Advisors are set to 'View Docs & Data' by default.

      Permissions for all other recipients are set to 'View Role Only' by default.

      JIC Estates never asks for nor stores social security numbers, account numbers, or other similar data.


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