JIC Estates is the Pioneer of Holistic Estate Planning

More than just legal docs, it's about passing on your personal stories, memories, and values to the next generation


Cover your legal bases

Comprehensive estate planning is creating your last will or revocable living trust with an advance health care directive and durable financial power of attorney

Last Will or Trust -> governs what happens to stuff you own and people you’re responsible for after you pass away

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Advance Health Care Directive -> specifies your healthcare preferences and appoints a trusted individual to make healthcare decisions on your behalf if you lose the ability to make or communicate them yourself

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Financial Power of Attorney ->appoints a trusted individual to enter into certain financial transactions on your behalf

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Estate plan asset and net worth visuals

Create and share your life memory book

Most estate planning companies treat you as if you're just a mechanism to transfer assets.

Only JIC Estates helps you pass on your personal stories, memories, and values to the next generation.

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Get started writing individually or alongside other loved ones

Write effortlessly with voice recordings, built-in AI writing assistance, and hundreds of story starters

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    Commonly Asked Questions

      What is holistic estate planning?

      Holistic estate planning extends beyond the traditional approach of managing and transferring financial assets.

      It includes not only creating your estate planning legal documents, but also emphasizing the personal and human aspects of legacy -- your life experiences, values, and memories.

      Holistic estate planning aims to ensure these invaluable aspects of your life are preserved and passed down to future generations, alongside your financial wealth.

      Why is holistic estate planning important?

      Holistic estate planning is the only estate planning that focuses on what matters most -- preserving and sharing your memories, values, and experiences with loved ones.

      What is JIC Estates StoryCircle?

      JIC Estates StoryCircle is how families preserve their most precious stories.

      It's a writing experience that culminates in the creation of a beautiful memory book that your family will cherish forever.


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