Don't let memories fade away

Create a beautiful keepsake book with your loved ones to enjoy for generations to come.

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parent reading storyteller gift to grandparent

Get inspiration from hundreds of story prompts

Our built-in story prompt library has everything you need to get started. You can also create your own.

Unlock your inner storyteller with AI assistance

Say goodbye to writer's block. StoryCircle's AI writing assistant makes anyone a storytelling pro.

Discover stories you never knew

Learn stories about your family and grow closer together.

How It Works
  • Image of your Storyteller Circle gathered around a table
    Image of your Storyteller Circle gathered around a table

    1/ Build Your Story Circle

    Sign up for an account and invite family, friends, and other loved ones to contribute stories of your hero

  • Icon putting pen to paper on your family's most precious stories
    Icon putting pen to paper on your family's most precious stories

    2/ Write and Share Your Stories

    Each week, you'll pick a topic for your Story Circle to write about. Choose from our library of story topics, or create your own

  • Icon of Storytellers book
    Icon of Storytellers book

    3/ Enjoy Your Beautiful Keepsake

    At the end of the year, you'll receive a beautiful keepsake book of all your stories to treasure forever

Honor Their Stories for Generations To Come

polaroids of parents, grandparents, and other family members
    Commonly Asked Questions

      What do I get with my StoryCircle subscription?

      Our standard StoryCircle subscription includes 52 story prompts for your Story Circle and one beautiful hardcover keepsake book with black and white interior.

      Story prompts release on a default schedule of one per week (i.e., one full year of stories), but you are welcome to write at an accelerated pace if you like.

      You also have the options to extend your subscription for additional prompts, upgrade to a color interior book, and/or purchase additional books.

      What size are the books?

      Our beautiful, hardcover keepsakes measure 6x9", about the same size as your favorite bestseller.

      All books are proudly made and printed in the USA.

      How many stories are included?

      We recommend setting a pace of one story per week for a total of 52 stories in your subscription.

      If you want to move faster, however, you are welcome to go write ahead by releasing topics to your Story Circle at an accelerated pace.

      Can I edit stories after submitting?

      You can continue to edit stories through the earlier of the following dates:

      1. the date that you approve the stories for printing, and
      2. the date that is 90 days following the end of your subscription

      If you want to write new stories after your subscription ends, you will need to purchase a new subscription.

      Can multiple Storytellers write the same story?

      You are welcome to have multiple Storytellers write about the same story or theme.

      After all stories are submitted, the Account Owner -- the person who purchased the StoryCircle subscription -- can edit and/or rearrange stories from all Storytellers as necessary.

      How many Storytellers can I invite to my Story Circle?

      You can invite up to 20 Storytellers to join your JIC Estates Story Circle.

      Most Story Circles have between 1-5 Storytellers.

      Can I purchase StoryCircle as a gift?

      JIC Estates StoryCircle makes the perfect gift for parents, grandparents, and other family members.

      Some members choose to write their stories with their Story Circle in advance, gifting a complete story book.

      Other members purchase JIC Estates StoryCircle as a last minute gift and write stories after the fact. This option can be a fun gift idea since you can plan two parties -- one for the initial gift giving and another "story reveal" party after writing your stories and receiving your hardcover keepsake book.

      Can I purchase extra books?

      Your JIC Estates StoryCircle subscription includes printing for one of our beautiful hardcover keepsake books with black and white interior.

      You can also choose from the following upgrades:

      • Upgrade to color interior: $38
      • Purchase additional book with black and white interior: $38
      • Purchase additional book with color interior: $78

      Is there a page limit?

      The page limit for our keepsake books is as follows:

      • 480 pages for black and white interior (240 sheets)
      • 300 pages for color interior (150 sheets)

      If your stories exceed the page limit for a book, you can purchase additional books to print in multiple volumes.

      How many pictures can I submit?

      You can submit as many pictures as you like.

      What picture formats are supported?

      For best results, we encourage you to upload images in .png format.

      We can also accept .jpeg images.

      I'm not a great writer. How can I get started?

      Get started writing your story by choosing from one of our hundreds of different story prompts or creating your own.

      If you're having trouble putting words to the page, imagine that you are telling the story to a friend and create an audio recording of that conversation.

      Great stories are great conversations, and by imagining your conversation, you'll likely find the story begins to write itself.


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