What's a Pet Protection Plan, and Why Do You Need One?

man holding dog

Our pets. They’re always there for us. But if the COVID pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that life can be pretty unpredictable. That’s why as a responsible pet parent you should make sure that you have a Pet Protection Plan in place.

What is a Pet Protection Plan?

A Pet Protection Plan is the part of a pet estate plan where you designate who should look after your pet in the event of an emergency and detail the proper care instructions for your pet.

At Just In Case Estates, our Pet Protection Plans include five essential components:

  1. Identification of Pets: we’ll record the names of your pets and any other identifiable features that first responders to an emergency might use to locate them
  2. Designation of Primary and Backup Guardians: you will appoint a trusted individual who will physically assume care of your pets if and when you are no longer able to fulfill that role
  3. Veterinarian Contact Details: we’ll record the name and contact information for your pets’ veterinarian, who the guardian may contact and rely on to assist with certain medical care for the pets
  4. Medicine and Allergy Information: we’ll record any special medical needs that your pet may have
  5. Diet and Exercise Plans: does your dog love daily romps on the beach? Is your cat a picky eater? Whatever the keys to satisfying your pet companion may be, we’ll make sure that those instructions are available for your pet guardian

Additionally, Just In Case Estates offers two free, optional add-ons to our Pet Protection Plans to form a complete Pet Estate Plan:

  1. a Limited HIPAA Authorization
  2. a Limited Pet Power of Attorney

The Limited HIPAA Authorization allows your Pet Guardian to have limited access to those medical records necessary to prove that you are unable to care for your pet. The Limited Pet Power of Attorney allows the Pet Guardian to make certain financial decisions on your behalf that may be necessary for the proper care of your pet. For example, taking your pet to the veterinarian and paying for the visit on your account or credit card.

Creating a Pet Protection Plan is simple and takes just 5 minutes on average to complete. But when the unexpected strikes, it can make all the difference.

Not Just for After You Pass

While a Pet Protection Plan is certainly helpful for passing along vital information to your pet guardians after you pass away, death is far from the most common situation in which a Pet Protection Plan is needed. To name only a few scenarios, you’ll find a Pet Protection Plan useful if ever you become temporarily or permanently injured and unable to exercise your pet, a natural disaster or travel disruption leaves you stranded out of town, or you’re unexpectedly admitted to the hospital.


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