Trust & Will vs Just In Case Estates

You're ready to create your last will or revocable living trust online and want to choose the best option for your family and your wallet.

This page compares two popular estate planning solutions – Trust & Will and Just In Case Estates – to help make your evaluation process simpler.

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Comparing online estate planning solutions can be confusing. There is no shortage of different providers, and estate planning roundups from NerdWallet and CNET offer only superficial coverage.

This page is different.

We help you understand what to look for when choosing an estate planning solution and compare two of the most popular options in Just In Case Estates and Trust & Will.

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Comparing the best estate planning tools should include a review of the following features:

Legal Coverage: does the provider offer state-specific, legally valid forms customized to you?

Experience: is this a step-by-step guide, or are you expected to come ready with all the answers? What resources do you have if you get stuck?

Editing & Sharing Your Plan: as your life and desires change, so should your estate plan. Will this solution help you keep key stakeholders in the loop?

Price: what are the immediate and long-term costs of this plan?

    Just In Case Estates

    Just In Case Estates is the first comprehensive estate planning platform offering document creation, estate settlement, and products that strengthen connections with loved ones across generations. Just In Case Estates is the best value in online estate planning and has a 4.9 Trustpilot star rating — the highest of any estate planning company.

    Trust & Will

    Huge Legal Technology Company, Inc., doing business as Trust & Will, is an estate planning tool that offers estate plan creation and probate settlement support. Among the largest marketing spenders in estate planning, Trust & Will’s national TV and media campaigns have helped bring greater awareness to the importance of estate planning.

Just In Case Estates Trust & Will
Legal Coverage
State-Specific Last Will or Revocable Living Trust
Step-by-Step Questionnaire
Live Customer Support
100+ Article Resource Library & Guides
Editing & Sharing Your Plan
Edit Your Plan Free for Life Subscription Required
Share Your Plan
Price (Individual / Couple)
Last Will Package $88 / $148 $159 / $259
Revocable Trust Package $348 / $398 $599 / $699
Annual Subscription Cost* Free for Life $19 Will / $39 Trust
Last Will 10-Yr Ownership Costs $88 / $148 $330 / $430
Trust 10-Yr Ownership Costs $348 / $398 $950 / $1,050

* Trust & Will includes the first year's subscription in the initial cost of the plan.

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When it comes to creating your online estate plan, both Just In Case Estates and Trust & Will offer great legal coverage, experience, and easy edit and share features to help you get the most of your estate plan. The key difference is price.

Creating your estate plan with Trust & Will costs about two times more than it does with Just In Case Estates. Over a 10-year period, that difference becomes even greater as you'll need to continue paying for a Trust & Will subscription just to access your plan documents.

By avoiding expensive national television and other marketing campaigns, Just In Case Estates is able to pass on everything that you need in an estate plan at a much more affordable price.

What Are Customers Saying?

Just In Case Estates has earned a 4.9 star rating on Trustpilot – the highest of any estate planning company.

  • Great format, very simple and great value. I’d recommend to anyone looking for a fast affordable estate planning solution.
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    Morgan M.

    Last Will
  • Just In Case Estates made the process painless and my husband and I were done in under 15 minutes. Much less daunting than I expected it to be....I would recommend Just In Case Estates to anyone and everyone that I know.
    customer profile picture

    Victoria F.

    Last Will
  • Easy to use & great service!
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    Zach W.

    Pet Plan

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